Fermenting sustainable technologies

Lina (Sakai) Watanabe, the President and Representative Director of Fermenstation Co., Ltd. conducted a lecture and workshop for AppTech students last November 30, 2018. She shared her stories and insights about working with the local communities in Iwate Prefecture. Introducing technology into a community could be tough, that’s why it is crucial to work with the people and the local government for its implementation. She discussed about the importance of branding and design in promoting new technologies.  She have given some advice on what are the funding options available for a seed technology and how to communicate with investors. She also tackled about the issues caused by wild animals especially in rural areas in Japan.

External mentors were also invited during this session. Felix Ipanaque (Entrepreneur/Engineer) and Marita Ibanez (Visual Artist/Designer) were there to advise students about the sustainability of their projects. During this workshop, students have presented the current developments of their projects and what are their long-term vision for it. Then each team received advice from external mentors and course facilitators.

The discussions focused on answering questions like: Why will their target users continuously use their products? Who will fund/buy their products, What is the business model? What are the strategies to be used in introducing their product to the community?

The take-home message during this workshop is to always include the community in the branding of your product and always seek the support of the local government for its implementation. To achieve this, the product should have a clear mission/vision that various stakeholders could easily relate to.

Demo Day 2018!

The Appropriate Technology Demo Day 2018 will be held at Global Village Community Center on December 8, 2018 from 14:30 to 19:00.
Date: 14:30-19:00, Saturday, 8th of December
Place: Global Village Community Center, 2F

Appropriate technology is a course conducted among students of Human Biology Program (HBP) and Frontier Medical Science as part of their curriculum.The Demo Day will be a venue to present their output prototypes to the public. Students will demonstrate how to use their technologies and present the sustainable business model based on their product.

This year, students of HBP and Frontier Medical Science engaged in the field work in Vanuatu (a country in South Pacific Ocean), and Nagano in Japan. They faced various difficulties which these places have had and seek to solve. Throughout the Appropriate Technology course, students have developed their own ideas and built some prototypes from it. We wish many of you would be interested to see their outputs and participate in their talks and discussions.

「Appropriate technology(適正技術教育)」の最終発表会
(Appropriate Technology Demo Day)

適正技術教育最終発表会(Appropriate Technology Demo Day)


Kansei Lab supported AppTech projects

This November 16, Lee Lab (Headed by Prof. SeungHee Lee) joined the class and thought about Kansei Approach in product design. Students demonstrated their current product concept and Lee Lab members collaborated in improving their prototypes.

Kansei approach considers the emotion and interaction of the user with the product. Students integrated what they have learned from the workshop in modifying their prototype design. Now, Lee lab members joins students develop their projects.

Field Research for A.Y. 2018

This summer vacation, students have organized they field research. Based on their topics of interests and preliminary research they have independent coordinated with the receiving local communities in order to conduct their fieldwork.

Local Destination: Nagano Prefecture

International Destination: Vanuatu (Southern Pacific Ocean)