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AppTech Tsukuba IN Ibaraki University

June 26, 2021 – AppTech Tsukuba was invited to conduct a lecture and workshop at Ibaraki University, Ami Campus. The lecture was held at the Center for Food Innovation Auditorium. The 49 students who participated the event are majoring in Food Sciences and they learned about the basic concepts of Appropriate Technology and how it is different in contrast to commercial technologies. For the workshop, the students were divided into groups and were given a problem for brainstorming. During the workshop students were encouraged to apply the principle of “design for extreme affordability”.

Final Pitch 2020 on December 12

December 8, 2020 – After six months of technology development journey, the students will present their outputs. We are glad to announce that despite this challenging year due to COVID-19 pandemic, students did their best to come up with technology concept and it route to commercialization (business plan).

Final Pitch 2020 is the final presentation of the Appropriate Technology Class. Students visited different places to learn more about the issues affecting people’s quality of life and built prototype technologies that they think are appropriate for the situation. During this event, students will share their motivations, technology development journey, and their vision for business opportunities. Final Pitch 2020 is open to everyone (online via Zoom). Please contact us for the Zoom Details (apptechtsukuba@gmail.com).

We invited Mr. Oshiro Yosaku from the Association for Aid and Relief Japan – Myanmar. He will be sharing his work experiences in developing countries and how simple technologies are changing the lives of people with disabilities that are supported by their NPO.

Event Details:
December 12, 2020 (Saturday)
Laboratory of Advanced Research A (Tsukuba Daigaku Chuo Bus Stop)

APPTECH 2020 Starts on June 12

May 29, 2020 – This Spring Semester, our classes will be contacted online through Microsoft Teams. We will have six (6) classes this semester to discuss the fundamental concept of Appropriate Technology (AppTech) as well as doing the necessary preparation for the field research activity. Our Teams meeting will be during Fridays (18:00 – 20:00) in the following schedule:

Class # 1 – June 12
Class # 2 – June 19
—No class on June 26—
Class # 3 – July 3
Class # 4 – July 10
Class # 5 – July 17
—No class on July 24—
Class # 6 – July 31

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRCbEIWeUDAi4IbcKL7Yx0w/
Website: https://www.apptechtsukuba.com

CURRICULUM Orientation 2020

We are hoping that everyone is safe during this time of CoViD-19 pandemic. AppTech Tsukuba prepared an online orientation video for this academic year for the students of Ph.D. Program in Human Biology and Ph.D. Program in Humanics. Please enjoy!

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Dear Appropriate Technology 2020 Students (and guests), Good day, this is a message from the AppTech teaching team. This Spring Semester, our classes will be contacted online through Microsoft Teams. Below, you can find a link of invitation to the Microsoft Teams that you can access and join our online team: https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3a22da8ebfc9104df1a202f49ae253e42c%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=75edecfa-eefa-4df3-a193-12b6696fb591&tenantId=9e5b5dfd-669d-4ef8-b240-4229cbf4a83d We will have … Continue reading APPTECH 2020 STARTS ON JUNE 12

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