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Final PITCH 2021 (in the MIDST of PANDEMIC)

December 06, 2021 – Final Pitch 2021 will be held this Saturday, December 11, 1:00 PM at the Faculty of Medicine Lecture Hall. Everyone is invited to this event. Three teams from the Ph.D. Program of Human Biology, Ph.D. Program in Humanics, and Frontier Medical Science will showcase the story of their prototype development to improve the Quality of Life (QoL) of their target users and how will they contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We also invited speakers that will discuss the impact of Appropriate Technology in education.

Assoc. Prof. Ryosuke Ohniwa to discuss the new trend to improve the online education platform in this time of remote classes due to CoViD-19 transmission prevention measures.

Each team will present their crowd-funding or Kickstarter video to share their motivations and strategy. There will also be a hands-on Demo session where the audience can try their prototypes. Lastly, they will have their Business Plan Pitch where they will discuss how they will fund and sustain the project. The event will also be simulcast via Zoom using this link.

The trailer for AppTech 2022 was launched!

December 01, 2021 – The trailer video to invite students of AppTech for the Academic Year 2022 was launched. We hope more students will join us from Ph.D. Program in Human Biology, Ph.D. Program in Humanics, and Frontier Medical Sciences. We are also looking forward to welcoming guest students this year!

AppTech Tsukuba IN Ibaraki University

June 26, 2021 – AppTech Tsukuba was invited to conduct a lecture and workshop at Ibaraki University, Ami Campus. The lecture was held at the Center for Food Innovation Auditorium. The 49 students who participated in the event are majoring in Food Sciences and they learned about the basic concepts of Appropriate Technology and how it is different in contrast to commercial technologies. For the workshop, the students were divided into groups and were given a problem for brainstorming. During the workshop students were encouraged to apply the principle of “design for extreme affordability”.

CURRICULUM Orientation

We are hoping that everyone is safe during this time of CoViD-19 pandemic. AppTech Tsukuba prepared an online orientation video for this academic year for the students of Ph.D. Program in Human Biology and Ph.D. Program in Humanics. Please enjoy!

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December 13, 2021 – The Final Presentation of AppTech 2021 was successfully held last Saturday. The online broadcast allowed students from different countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Russia, and Vietnam to participate. The three teams launched their Kickstarter video and conducted a demo for the on-site and online audience. Watch Their PRESENTATIONS Project Story … Continue reading FINAL PITCH 2021 WAS HELD!

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