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AppTech will be offered to the new Ph.D. in Humanics Program. We expect more diversity in class this school year. The classrooms were also renovated to improve the learning environment. Also, a new room (4F-308) will be available for class activities like workshop and prototype construction.

The class have also prepared some equipment and tools to make the design and construction of prototypes much easier. These include solar-powered devices, drones, Arduino computer with basic sensors, drinking water filter, and thermo-generator among others. A 3-D printer will also be available for the student’s usage. We hope to build more exciting projects this school year!

Demo Day was held last December 8, 2018

Students this year presented their output. They also shared what they have experienced throughout the course along with some specialty foods and drinks from Nagano Prefecture and Vanuatu. There was product demo session and poster presentations.


Students Visited Vanuatu this Summer Vacation!

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Kopernik Japan will join Demo Day 2018

Students of Appropriate Technology throughout the years have heard about the story of Mila. This video was frequently used to explain the concept of “Appropriate Technology” or “Improving the Quality of Life”. This video was produced by Kopernik. This company is founded by  Toshi Nakamura and Ewa Wojkowska in 2010. Their motivation was despite the … Continue reading Kopernik Japan will join Demo Day 2018

Fermenting sustainable technologies

Lina (Sakai) Watanabe, the President and Representative Director of Fermenstation Co., Ltd. conducted a lecture and workshop for AppTech students last November 30, 2018. She shared her stories and insights about working with the local communities in Iwate Prefecture. Introducing technology into a community could be tough, that’s why it is crucial to work with … Continue reading Fermenting sustainable technologies

Demo Day 2018!

The Appropriate Technology Demo Day 2018 will be held at Global Village Community Center on December 8, 2018 from 14:30 to 19:00. Date: 14:30-19:00, Saturday, 8th of DecemberPlace: Global Village Community Center, 2FVENUE MAP Appropriate technology is a course conducted among students of Human Biology Program (HBP) and Frontier Medical Science as part of their curriculum.The … Continue reading Demo Day 2018!

Kansei Lab supported AppTech projects

This November 16, Lee Lab (Headed by Prof. SeungHee Lee) joined the class and thought about Kansei Approach in product design. Students demonstrated their current product concept and Lee Lab members collaborated in improving their prototypes. Kansei approach considers the emotion and interaction of the user with the product. Students integrated what they have learned … Continue reading Kansei Lab supported AppTech projects

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