December 13, 2021 – The Final Presentation of AppTech 2021 was successfully held last Saturday. The online broadcast allowed students from different countries such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, Russia, and Vietnam to participate. The three teams launched their Kickstarter video and conducted a demo for the on-site and online audience.


Project Story + Kickstarter Video + Public Demo + Business Strategy

Group 1 – BVAE

Because of their strong motivation to help people with visual impairment. BVAE received the Best Product Award. Judges were impressed that despite their limitations in technical skills, the group has managed to collaborate with experts to build their technology concept.


Their innovative branding strategy to raise awareness about the social issue of “chikan” or molestation in public transport made them win the Best Technology Pitch Award. The students also partnered with members of Kansei design lab and students from Future Skills, Russia to co-develop their prototypes. Their team managed to present two products having two different approaches to target potential customers.


After their field research in Hyogo Prefecture which they have organized in cooperation with Northeast Asia for the Global Risk Mitigation Foundation, G3 focused on creating partnerships among different stakeholders in order to manufacture a working prototype. They discussed the issue with the concerned NPO and worked with people from the Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences in order to develop MFDT. The Judges have given them the Stakeholder’s Choice Award due to their impressive collaboration activities.

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