Blueprint to Business

In this class we discuss a more about the applied aspect of AT and prototyping. Students were given the Prototype Expenses Form for processing the prototype financial support, list of materials, target users and blueprint sketch. This form will help the students put in a logical order their ideas and projections about their prototype. After that we had the Blueprint Presentation from the three teams. Students presented many exiting and original prototypes. The blueprints were from ranges from Dengue educational tool-kits to futuristic grape magnet-carriers. The rest of the session was focused in the sustainability of the product and how some pioneers of the field (e.g. Paul Polak; The Death of Appropriate Technology) and our guest mentor (Engr. Felix Ipanaque) succeeded with their start-up companies. Next session will be focused in the appropriateness of the products and conceptualizing the business model of each team’s technology!

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